Fathers & Daughters

Jake Davis (Crowe), a Pulitzer-winning novelist, finds himself fighting
against the world when a fatal car accident leaves him to raise his
5-year-old daughter, Katie, all on his own. Overcome with guilt from the
loss of his wife, he struggles with the daily routine of raising a
child compounded by his overbearing relatives intent on taking her away
from him.  As the narrative weaves back and forth between the 1980s, and
present day, we come to learn how 30-year-old Katie (Seyfried) battles
the demons that stemmed from her troubled childhood and simultaneously
watch how Jake fights to hold on to the thing he loves most - his
daughter, at the cost of his fortune, sanity, and ultimately even his
own life.  This beautiful performance-driven-piece reads thematically as
such American classics: American Beauty and The Pursuit of Happyness –
both unforgotten and inspiring.
  • Genre:Drama
  • Starring:Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Aaron Paul and Diane Kruger
C-2014-Shoval Film Production
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